WSOP 2017 Schedule

Below you will find a list of potential events at the WSOP I may play, not including any re-entries which could add to the total buy in number which sits at $384,600

May 31 3pm $10k NLH Tag Team
June 1 11am $3k NLH Shootout
June 1 3pm $1500 O8
June 2 3pm $111k NLH
June 3 3pm $2.5 Triple Draw Mix
June 4 3pm $10k O8
June 5 11am $1k NLH Tag Team
June 5 3pm $1.5 Dealers Choice 6 max
June 6 3pm $1.5 2-7 Single Draw NL
June 7 11am $1.5 HORSE
June 7 3pm $10k NLH Heads Up
June 8 3pm $10k Dealers Choice 6 max
June 9 DAY OFF
June 10 3pm $1.5 8-Game
June 11 3pm $10k 2-7 Single Draw NL
June 12 3pm $1.5 LH
June 13 3pm $10k RAZZ
June 14 3pm $1.5 2-7 Triple Draw
June 15 3pm $10kHORSE
June 16 3pm $1.5 O8 Mix
June 17 3pm $10k 2-7 Triple Draw
June 18 3pm $5k NLH 6 max
June 19 3pm $10k LH
June 20 3pm $1.5 Stud8
June 21 3pm $10k NLH 6 max
June 22 3pm $3k HORSE
June 23 11am $5k NLH 30 min levels
June 23 3pm $1.5 PLO8
June 24 3pm $10k Stud8
June 25 3pm $3k PLO 6 max
June 26 3pm $10k PLO8
June 27 3pm $3k LH 6 max
June 28 11am $10k PLO
June 28 3pm $1.5 Stud
June 29 3pm $2.5 Omaha 8/Stud 8
June 30 3pm $2.5 Big Bet Mix
July 1 DAY OFF
July 2 3pm $50k Poker Players Championship
July 5 3pm $25k PLO
July 6 3pm $1.5 RAZZ
July 7 3pm $10k Stud
July 8 DAY OFF
July 9 DAY OFF
July 10 11am Main Event!

The week leading up to the WSOP will also require a heavy investment. I’m already committed to the $300k Super High Roller Bowl at Aria and before that event there are two $25k and $15k 10-Game mixed events at Bellagio followed by a $10k, $25k, $50k, and $100k at Aria before the Super High Roller Bowl. All of these events offer unlimited re-entries.

This is a big summer with a lot at stake and buyins likely exceeding $1 million. I put up 100% of my buyins so it’s imperative that I am prepared and focused for the duration.

I will be documenting the entire journey and you will be able to get a glimpse into what it’s like to play these kind of stakes and how I mentally deal with both successes and failures. If you haven’t seen any of my blogs, here is my latest from Monte Carlo:

Until then I plan to stick to a healthy routine of journaling, meditation, study, soccer, gym, golf, and eating clean. Once the action starts I’m going to put soccer, gym, and golf on the back burner and focus on SLEEP! Above all else, for me I know that sleep is the most important thing for me to be aware of during the grind. When I am fatigued, mistakes happen. For example, this Monte Carlo trip I blew it in the main event coming in 51st after making a sloppy, gambly call against Elky with KQ suited in a spot I would normally fold correctly. He had Aces. Oops! Anyway, it was the perfect reminder for me to focus on being well rested.

One other consideration related to rest will be my strategy in the $1500 events on my schedule. I plan to show up on time and grind the $10k and above buyins from the start, but in the larger field $1500 events my plan is to late register at the last minute rather than expend mental energy on the early levels. That certainly makes it tougher to win the smaller events, but not impossible. I think the value of the rest I’ll be able to get during those periods will go a long way towards me being mentally fresh when it matters.

My intention for the summer is to cash for over $1.5 million and win 3 WSOP Bracelets along the way. My intention is to win the WSOP Player of the Year award for the 3rd time.

If you happen to be involved in any WSOP fantasy pools, I can tell you that I will be giving it 100% and think I’m worth picking! I am so excited to make that first walk into the Rio and get started.

The first event is a tag team event and I’m likely going to play with people I draft at the annual WSOP Fantasy draft May 30th 8pm at Aria. My plan is to be the #1 seed on the team and play the majority, while having a clear #2 seed and then a #3 seed who will only play sparingly.

As you can tell by looking at my schedule you won’t see a lot of NLH on my schedule. We haven’t added a shot clock to any events at the WSOP as of yet, but I am very hopeful that we can do that for at least some events in 2018. I do not find it enjoyable playing most no limit hold’em tournaments without a shot clock. Most all high buy in events employ one now, and I think it’s only a matter of time before the WSOP adopts the same format for it’s high buy in events. In any of the NLH events I do happen to play, I will be taking advantage of my right to call for clocks on any habitual tankers. It is not personal guys, but if I think a player is taking more than their fair share of time I will be calling the clock on them as early as 30 seconds before the flop, and in some cases, as soon as 60 seconds post flop. Normally I won’t call for a clock until the 2 minute mark, and for players who normally play quickly, I won’t call a clock until the 5 minute mark if they need that much time.

Hope to see you guys at the WSOP this year! Good luck this summer!