England, Ireland, Same Difference!

They are a good bunch of guys and the conversation was fun. Padraig is a funny guy (if you can understand him) and I’ve always been a fan of European culture and the passion that is a huge part of who they are. We talked politics, poker, poker politics, and the changes we’ve seen with some players since the TV boom. Padraig, in an attempt to make my head even bigger than it already is, told me that his lady had nice things to say about me, and compliments like that aren’t cheap apparently. When I first met Padraig in 2001 he confessed to thinking I was a jerk. It was the year I came 11th in the WSOP main event along with Phil Helmuth. I busted Padraig late in the tournament and Phil came over to give me a high five. Padraig, didn’t take kindly to all of that and let me know about it when I saw him again in London. I like that. Straight to the point, tell it like it is. A genuine person who doesn