Bay 101 is the Bomb

They also offer food and free drinks in the evenings. I’m cool with paying for that if I had to, it’s just breakfast I don’t like shelling out for. I think the ONLY complaint I have about the place is the pillows. Just not my style, I like something a little firmer than these. So anyway, I’m here, relaxed, took all of my stuff out of my suitcase (always a good sign), have eaten, and most importantly: that last blog, where I mentioned my fantasy hockey game? I WON GAME 5!!! I’m up 3-2 and game #6 is Tuesday. I’m SOOOOOO excited you have no idea. On the plane ride over here from Denver I was freaking out, not knowing the final score. Man, what a relief. As for the poker, I’ve got everything done that I needed to. Wrote my Card Player column, got my syndicated column done, updated my fantasy scores, ate a good meal… I guess all that’s left is… a good night’s sleep. That’s a little bit of a problem as I’m still a little wound up and we have an 11:15am start time tomorrow, not to mention we lost an hour yesterday. Speaking of losing an hour, I was so confused coming from Denver is an hour difference, an hour this way, an hour that way, I have no clue what time it is! LOL. Oh well, hopefully the lady at the front desk who’s giving me a wake up call knows! Good night all. It’s tournament time again.